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Learning to Clean

Be consistent

Feed your puppy at set times. This regulates bowel movements and allows you to anticipate times of defecation.

-Take him out shortly after his meal and wait
that he eliminates before returning him.

-Use the same schedule on weekdays and weekends. How? 'Or' What
do you want to regularize a puppy by upsetting
continually have their meal and elimination schedule?

-When there is accidental soiling, you must simply clean and remove all traces of odors to prevent the offender from reusing the same places.
As your puppy's smell is much more developed than yours, use vinegar or a neutralizing product sold in pet stores and especially do not rely on traditional cleaning products these will eliminate the smell for your nose, but not for that of your puppy.

The cleanliness

First, you should know that at the age of 8 weeks, a puppy eliminates every hour during the day and every 3 to 4 hours at night. He cannot hold back for more than 3 or 4 hours. Its retention capacity will gradually increase over the weeks, so a lot of patience and understanding is needed in the first few weeks.

Innately, a puppy will avoid soiling the place where it lies and feeds. Even if he leaves his nest, it is not obvious to him that the living room and bedrooms are not suitable rooms to dispose of. As they end up far from his food bowl, his pieces even seem ideal for relieving himself.

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