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Warning!!! hypoglycemia


Small dogs are

prone to hypoglycemia;

decrease in blood sugar

blood from a prolonged period

without food. Changing locations, being alone now, and stress are just a few causes of low blood sugar. Your dog may react to these situations by stopping eating or eating less. It is important to make sure that he continues to eat well and as often as possible. To stimulate him, you can give him food in your hands by playing with him, checking the amount in his dish, if he still does not eat, you can moisten his food a little. This can stimulate him by making his food more appetizing. While waiting for your puppy to start eating well, you can give him a nutritional supplement gel that you buy from the vet. It is very important that your puppy eats.

Here are the symptoms if your dog has run out of food for too long and falls into hypoglycemia: your dog looks weak, becomes limp and reacts less than usual or after a nap, your puppy still wants to sleep. In the following cases, give the nutritional supplement or honey with the fingertip on the tongue or gums. He should react very quickly. If there are no changes, take it immediately to the vet as hypoglycemia is fatal if not treated as soon as possible. Nutritional supplements are very good for very small puppies because they are a product rich in energy and minerals. You can give it to your dog if he looks weak, if you find he is not eating enough, or after a hypoglycemic attack.

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