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A Reflection ... to welcome you

Once you have made the decision to acquire a puppy in your life, you must be ready to commit to 15 years. You must be aware that your dog will need you for his care but also you will have to invest quality time to develop a good relationship with him.

As the Russkiy Toy is a small dog that requires very little maintenance to be happy, tiny amounts of food and a little place to sleep, but they really need to be around you as often as possible. He's a little dog with a BIG heart.

Personality - the Russkiy toy is active, lively, loving, intelligent and easy to train. He is neither shy nor aggressive. He is agile, courageous and quite robust. He is a true companion, he has boundless devotion to his master. A true companion dog, who loves to go wherever you go and due to his small size he is very versatile.

Lifestyle - Of course it is best for your dog to be happy that he is with you as much as possible during the day. He is happy in small apartments or lodgings, or in large houses. He adapts very well to a rather sedentary or active life, as much as he can be with you he will be happy.

Children - This breed expects very well with children. For very young children it is best to supervise the game to avoid injury. As this one is very small but also very fast it can end with a broken leg.

Other pets - The little Russian dog has no problem getting along with other pets such as dogs, cats, birds etc. As long as these are well socialized. We must not forget that this little dog is energetic. Use your judgment.

Prepare for your arrival

You have to plan the arrival of your puppy, if you are not available this indicates that it is not the right time to buy a new companion. A new pet always involves a lot of extra care and attention for the first few months in a new home. You must be willing to work on basic training to prevent your child from developing a bad habit at home. A puppy likes to play, if he is alone, he will have fun with everything he can find, telephone wire, remote control, plant, toy, plastic… and moreover he would risk being injured. If you are buying an adult dog you should understand that again he will need to be supervised to correct bad behavior and reward good ones that again will prevent accidents in their new environment. When there are other dogs in the house, you must give them enough time to tame, you must not intervene but be ready if it ever gets out of hand. Puppies know very well how to be accepted on the other hand, an adult dog that is a little grumbling can hurt the young. There are a number of things to consider before you bring home a puppy. It is important to decide if your lifestyle, family, children, and other pets are suited to the personality of the breed.

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