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Educate to Protect

Your puppy must learn to respond to his name and come forward when you call him.
It is essential that you are able to give orders to your puppy and call him immediately when he starts doing something he shouldn't be doing.
Use his name often and start by teaching him the order Come.

Always follow this order of words of encouragement.
He will thus learn to associate positive experiences with this order.
Always supervise him when he is outside.
And please be careful, a puppy knows no danger.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The punishment

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Punish at the right time and only when needed. Punishment does little to speed up toilet training in the puppy and must be done at the time of the act and if possible, indirectly.
As soon as you see the puppy get into the elimination position, raise your voice and say no in a firm voice.

You can also growl at the puppy, but without anger. Drive him immediately to the place chosen for the eliminations. When it performs well, don't forget to reward it. Above all, never stick the puppy's nose in his urine thinking that he will understand that he has done something wrong. He will never make the direct link. He will only understand that you are angry without knowing why. Be positive and your puppy will quickly understand.

The elimination behavior is preceded by a wandering nose to the ground in search of the odors of previous eliminations; the discovery of odors activates the elimination reflex. The dog will associate the places and the type of surface with the elimination behavior: the sight or the smell of these places will then trigger the need.

During the day, if you have the possibility, you should ideally take your puppy outside every hour; especially when he wakes up, after meals, after games and also when he starts to wander with his nose on the ground. During the first few weeks, take it out once or twice during the night. Always exit the puppy by the same place, the same door and always take him to the same place of elimination.
Whenever your puppy eliminates in the right spot, immediately reward him by giving him a treat or just petting him and telling him he's a good dog. Positive reinforcement gives significantly better results in learning a behavior than negative reinforcement.

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