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When I was very young, I followed my father to the family farm. I loved to play with the animals I found.

At the age of 13 a dog arrived home by chance and after convincing my father to keep him I finally found a companion. After this dog, who by the way disappeared one fine day, it was a Saint-Bernard dog who arrived. A few years later, Miky, a small dog of uncertain origin as well as Sammy, a very naughty Pomeranian whom I adored, kept me company.

After several years without a dog, (marriage, work, family), a friend gave me a beautiful Shetland Shepherd dog that she could no longer keep. She stayed with us until sickness picked her up. She left us in September 2005, at the age of 15.
After several months of thinking about what I wanted as a new companion, I fell in love with this little clown, this little dog full of tenderness and cheerfulness. Yes, I was like many people: the pretty Maggie of the dog food ad, Caesar, capsized me.

During this same period, I was looking for a rewarding job that would fascinate me. And that's how my little West Highland White Terrier breeding was born. Our breeding is based on quality rather than quantity. All our dogs live with us in a family environment. We give them a lot of love and tenderness.

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